Escape From Time (and Stress)

Have you ever observed yourself in stress about all that needs to be done, or what you have done in the past which could have been done better, or better not done?  We all have.  I have lived and presently still live so much of my moments focused on past or future events.  And mostly without consciousness, such focus takes it toll in weariness and stress.  At times, we just long for sleep that might lead us off into a timeless never land, unless, of course, the dreams of past and future return to haunt us! 

There’s a line in early Christian writings which goes, “Now is the day, now is the time for salvation.”  Indeed, the only real time is the now moments.  Everything else is just a memory or hope for the future.  Scientists also teach that time is but an illusion of reality, that in actuality, it doesn’t even exist!  Einstein said that all time, past, future and present could be proven to be nothing but our imaginations.  Time isn’t real.

If this is true, and reason can itself show us how it is true, then we spend so much of our time in unreality, in a dream world of guilt and future expectations.  We live lives planning the future based upon imperfections of the past which soon become more past failures to be planned anew.  The cycle never ends.  Community planners plan for better communities for tomorrow which tomorrow become examples of ignorance and short sightedness.  Churches and religions plan for better tomorrows based on past ignorance and prejudices which tomorrow return again to the same cycle.  It’s endless.  And this doesn’t even begin to take in consideration remembrances of “mistakes of the universe” which threaten now the future existence of earth.  It’s all unreal, isn’t it.  It’s an endless cycle of a certain level of futility, or insanity.  Insanity has been defined as doing the same thing over and over with the same results.

If then eternity is beyond time and space, in the endless now, and eternity is the only entity that is real, then the closest we can draw to this experience of reality seems to be staying aware and awake to the Now as much as possible.  We can do this by constant reminders, which can come to us when we take time, too seriously, and get all stressed out and worried about what wasn’t real in the past nor will be in the future.  We can monitor our stress levels, our grudges and grievances against issues in the past and worries about the future, which project themselves out onto people around us, close or far. 

Each day we can choose to simply remember, to use our reason about that which lasts and that which is only temporary.  We can choose to listen to that transcendent part of our minds, the “Kingdom” or Reign that Jesus spoke of, which is within, right in front of our noses!  Resurrection is, as I have written and taught before, basically awakening, coming out of our sleep walks and dreams and illusions of reality.  We apply less time into fixing others over the awareness of fixing ourselves in our daily relationships and encounters.  We work at building community by being community, by granting love, acceptance, and forgiveness to colleagues and neighbors around us.  We remember that this world, this universe, is all a place of relativity and endless fixing, endless stress.  We remember to be more and do less, to love everything and everybody, (The Great Commandment) and discover the experience of everything working out just perfectly, including the time of our own transition back into Eternity, into oneness with the basic Entity, that which we name God, Eternity, the Good, the Real.

So if stress and worry and fear get you down, worrying and stealing your peace and ability to live each day with “whatever,’” then stop and take some deep breaths, returning to the Now, to Eternity.  And when you finally move on again in doing, don’t worry about what the right hand and the left hand are doing, at least too much.  Be as the ancient Hindu writing goes, “I eat, sleep, do and act in heat and cold, but realize I truly am doing nothing.”

Bless you in your remembering to take it easy, living in the Now, living in awareness and the remembrance of the one key thought, that you and I are joined together in Eternity by our Spirit, and time, with all its insane deals for peace, will transformed into Eternity itself. 

About David Persons

Retired minister who still writes, speaks some, hikes less, and golfs.
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