Must I Change My Life’s Situations?

I read this morning about the idea of changing the circumstances and situations in my life in order to attain a deeper peace and happiness.  Most of us are tempted with these thoughts constantly; if I only were someplace else, with someone else, in a better climate, house, neighborhood I could be happier.  If I looked better, lost weight, gained weight, developed more, took more classes, did something right I could be happier.  It’s an easy trap to drop into.

If we want to be happier and at peace, the best thing we can do when boredom and uneasiness slips in is to change our minds, our thinking.  This is such a central element in the book, “A Course in Miracles.”  I often think of the title as “A Course in Mind-Training.”  In the Eastern religions, attachment is a central element in one’s unhappiness.  Release of attachments are a key element in the steps to freedom, the awareness of how attached we are to things about us.  We want this, we want that, but as soon as we acquire them, we begin to lose interest and ask, “Is this all there is?” 

Sometimes a fairly drastic change may be required in one’s life to acquire a deeper happiness, but for most of us, a wonderful experience of peace could be experienced if we changed our thinking about our surroundings.  If we could see that peace and happiness comes from within, what surrounds us wouldn’t make much difference.  This is why sitting meditation can be so important.  When one sits or walks slowly with the awareness of each moment, of one’s breath, a deep peace and liberation is often experienced.  “One is never more blissfully at peace than when one is blissfully alone!” de Mello would say to us. 

When we can be without movement, busyness, with little stuff around  us, and experience this deep peace, we will understand the meaning of just being, the bliss of the moment.  This awareness alone can make everything around us look completely different.  We come into our Selves, as it might be said.  We give up our judgments on ourselves and others.  We learn the one judgment possible, I cannot make judgments except in letting go, in forgiveness.

One then doesn’t need to make changes in life’s situations as nearly as much as making changes in how he or she thinks about the situation he or she is within.  God, Spirit, Breath is everywhere.  Now is Universal.  Breathe it in, and look around yourself with gratitude and be at peace.  Whether here or there, with abundance or without, sickness or health, life or death, you can find eternal freedom and peace, and you will slowly but surely, move along the path toward liberation and love on a deeper level.

Good luck, and remember to monitor your thinking, your judgments, letting forgiveness take over when you catch yourself falling off again.  Learn to laugh and tickle yourself a bit more, and wherever you are, you will realize that Abundance is also. 


About David Persons

Retired minister who still writes, speaks some, hikes less, and golfs.
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