Fear and Conflict

Fear and conflict rules so much of our lives.  We wear and minds and bodies out with worry, which is but the root and expression of our fears.  How can be rid ourselves of fear and conflict?  How can we experience the truth that “perfect love casts out all fear”?

God’s will for us is peace and contentment, to be able to let fear go, to “not worry and be happy.”  But how can this happen?  Sometimes, some days, nothing seems to go right.  Is is my fault?

We tend to get the cart before the horse, the world of form and matter before the root of our existence, Spirit and Oneness with Spirit or God.  It is the root of our fears and the resultant conflicts.  So the return to peace and a more conflict free existence comes from remembering who we are.  Release is remembering to “choose once again.” 

Our minds are very powerful.  They are so powerful they have chosen and created all the forms of matter around us.  Think about it; look about you in the room, the home, the outdoors; what can you see that the mind did not create?  Everything you and I see began with a thought from a mind or minds.  The candle, the lamp, the piano or organ, the building, the food, the chairs, the lights, the children, the adults, the autos, the roads, etc. etc; they all originated from a mind, an idea.  Indeed, the whole world and universe came from ideas or thinking.  It’s where the world of form originates; the mind is that powerful.

Yet the world of form, as we see from reason, is a fragile, temporal place, constantly flipping around in dualities; it’s beautiful, it’s ugly, it works now but now it doesn’t; he pleases me, he doesn’t; family is wonderful, family is terrifying; country is the best, country is insane to elect such leaders!  On and on it goes with constant judging and flip-flopping about between love and hate, satisfaction and frustration.

Flying to Florida yesterday, each seat had its own little TV to watch to help with boredom and anxiety about traveling and fears of flying or whatever.  It helped remove the annoyance of a couple behind us talking loudly in an unknown language, loud enough for most of the 150 passengers to hear!  I put on my noise cancelling earphones and plugged into the National Geographic Channel on the DirecTV connection.  Today’s little story was about the imminent eruption of a “mega volcano” located beneath Yellowstone National Park!  Nice story to alleviate fears of flying, I’m sure.  A volcano will one day erupt there which will spread over five feet of ashes over an area the size of New York State, killing millions, or millions and millions more pending how much population continues to grow!  “Praise God for the wonders of nature!” I felt like saying.  Then I remembered; our minds created all of this world of form and matter.  It won’t be an “act of God” as insurance companies will claim (if any are left) but the fragility of the mad idea that we can be separate from God, the world of Spirit, and be without fear and worry!

The way to alleviate fear and conflict then is to go back to the root cause, our brain or our thinking.  We have choices we can make.  We can ask God for understanding and help to remember our Oneness, or go on trying to figure out ways to stop the daily “volcanoes” which erupt in our world of “form control.”  There is no control, ultimately.  And that’s the key.  Let it go and enjoy the ride.  Forgive the world of form and bodies for not possibly being able to be more than they are; ephemeral and temporary.  Time and matter are here today and gone tomorrow, like hair!  “A thousand years (or hairs) are but as a day, a whisper and then gone.”  So be it, and therein is our freedom and release. 

Today, and each day, help is available to us if we remember to choose again, to ask the Spirit to give us guidance and perspective and forgiveness.  We can choose to forgive ourselves for unrealistic expectations about our bodies, our family and friends, our world of nature around us.  We can enjoy thus the journey of life as it’s called here; eating, drinking, loving, traveling, giving, and dying without so much fear and conflict.  We can return each morning, hour, and evening with reminders of our Spirit Selves, the Oneness known in times of silence, sharing, laughter, and letting go.  We can see and move toward the world of Oneness rather than the world of duality.  Truly it will get better and better each day we live until the day we are ultimately free at last, from time, form, and duality!  And we can love truly, without fear; in a moment, a minute, an hour, a day, and eternally.

Happy flying!

About David Persons

Retired minister who still writes, speaks some, hikes less, and golfs.
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