From Vigilance to Peace

There is a section in the book, A Course in Miracles, which bears this same title, “From Vigilance to Peace.”  (T. 7,VI)  The idea is that we spend most of our time living trying to understand things around us so that we can attain peace and satisfaction.  Such an attempt never works since nothing here is really understandable.  However we can learn to let it go and return to our true state of Peace and Oneness.

Now this is not to say that in this world, in this plane, we do not need to continually work at vigilance in order to survive.  Life here is likethe game of golf; one never really learns it.  As one golfer told me, "The golf swing is always a borrowed, temporary motion."  Thus vigilance is needed for all aspects of our lives on earth.  It never ends and the constant vigilance to know finally wears us down and out.  It applies to relationships, organizations, beliefs and values.  As the adage goes, "You snooze, you lose."

Yet, “The Holy Spirit does not want you to understand conflict; He wants you to realize that, because conflict is meaningless, it is not understandable.”  Such a statement is such a slap to our egos, our idea that we can ever figure out our way through life.   In truth, in the Spirit domain, we have already “figured it out” since we are and have always been One with God our Creator.  The journey here into time and space is the idea that we can usurp God’s role and find a better way.  So we build cities, careers, families, countries, vacations, you-name-it and constantly remain vigilant that nothing will be lost or misunderstood.  It’s an illusion as part of the whole time/space dream itself.  It is ephemeral and as such, leaves people feeling anxious and incomplete.

Consider what it is that you do know and understand; a book, an organization, your partner, your children, yourself?  The Bible says that if anyone thinks he knows anything, he knows nothing as he ought to know!   If religious organizations had complete understanding, there would be no conflicts and hatreds toward others.  Yet over centuries, such organizations have created havoc and death among so many.   And meetings have been abundant in stress, anger, and tension.   If God be God as Spirit and this world is but the projection of our dreams to be separated from God, then nothing in this universe and world can be certain. 

The world was our decision to consider what it would be like to be separated from our Spirit Source, yet it hasn’t worked to bring us but scraps and short lived moments of peace.  For the most part, it’s as the ancient writer wrote, “vanity of vanities” and all for naught.  It’s over in a moment and then we return to our Oneness.

The conflict we so often experience exists because we try to live with both kingdoms as real, the Spirit and the physical.  The ego self, the individual “I-ness” does not want us to question the validity of our bodily realm.  If we do, the ego loses its hold on us and we have nothing left to attack, since attacking another becomes meaningless.

Today, when the temptation comes to attack another with angry words or thoughts, see if you can catch yourself either before or after, realizing it is not needed and is counter to your own peace of mind.  Today, consider how much energy you spend trying to figure life out, to get through another day or year without too many disappointments and hurt.  Yes, such considerations are certainly part of existence in time and space, yet remind yourself they aren’t “real.”  And take time to sit and be at peace, wholly aware of your true Identity as God’s Child, perfectly whole and love just as your are.  Take time to forgive yourself for the endless vigilance and worries we become caught in about things that hardly matter in the light of eternity.  Breathe in release, eternity, and your endless, eternal state.  And return again to the world of “chopping wood and carrying water” with a bit more humor, a smile on your face, and a vision of love and forgiveness for all the times we have taken ourselves and this world so seriously.  Thus move more toward peace and away from vigilance.

About David Persons

Retired minister who still writes, speaks some, hikes less, and golfs.
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