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Entering Heaven With Another

We think often if there might really be a heaven or place of deep peace, joy, and contentment. I truly believe there is. It does lie beyond our description in concrete terms, but could be described as timeless, beyond space … Continue reading

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Peace is Oneness, All the Same

Times seem tough during these spring days. There’s oil running from an undersea well in the Gulf of Mexico, threatening beaches of Florida, even the Gulf Stream to Europe, wreaking havoc on thousands of species of wildlife along with humanity. … Continue reading

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Honoring Mother

Mother’s Day is one of the most popular holidays in America. More phone calls are made on this day, I’ve read, than on any other. Whether we had good mothers, bad mothers, known or unknown mothers, we think of mothers … Continue reading

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Preparing for Visit to Grand Island on May 2

Here’s a couple clips of my preparing to conduct a service for the Island Presbyterian folks at the congregation on Grand Island, NY.  Howie Evert accompanied me with his fine guitar playing as we led the folks in singing Dan … Continue reading

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