A Year Dedicated to Choice

This is the time of year people make resolutions.  For years I have used this time for a little evaluation of myself with decisions to create desired changes for the new year.  I have written most of them down, to be consulted in some cases, each day.  I have done a similar exercise for this year.

Have you made any resolutions for the year?  Here’s a little suggestion then to consider.  Recognize that the world you see and respond to around you begins in your mind!  Indeed, how you see yourself is how you then look will outside at the world.  The world you see is therefore the projection of your perceptions!  “Projection makes perception,” it is said.  Or we might say, “Projection makes my perceptions clear.”  What you and I see outside of ourselves is a mirror of what our mind has chosen to see within. 

See then a world of sin and misery and that will no doubt be the way you are seeing yourself.  Not a very happy situation for many.  What it reveals is that you are focusing only on the mortal body with its endless limitations.  It can be quite depressing to say the least.  A few years and it’s all gone back into the dust of oblivion. 

On the other hand, see yourself as a spirit extension of God Himself and things will begin to change drastically.  Sin, all those errors and misjudgments we get so upset over, begin to disappear.  We learn to stop seeing them in ourselves and then our True, Immortal Christ Self will emerge.  We will then have a new and wonderful vision for the outside world.

Wouldn’t be wonderful to look out at the world and not be focused on everybody’s sins all the time?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful not to be always preoccupied with them in your own life?  It can happen and be experienced.  How?  Simply by a change in your thinking, which is what the world “repentance” actually means.  Want to see beauty rather than ugliness and death?  It’s a matter of choice.  “As a person thinks, so it will be” as the ancient Proverb goes.

A few years ago a book came out which was such a big seller.  It was called, “The Secret.”  It’s premise was that what we have now is the result of how we have been thinking of ourselves.  It was a powerful idea and many people tried to change their thinking to gain riches and material possessions with the revelation of “the secret!”   After reading the book I used to think, “What a waste of ‘the secret!’”

On the other hand, if you choose to see “the secret” from the Creator as being that you already have Everything, it’s a lot less pressure.  You don’t have to pressure yourself in trying to accumulate of bunch of things that will all rot anyway, if someone doesn’t steal them.  I like to tell myself, “See Dave, you have already won the lottery of Life!  Enjoy it now and forever.”

So a little resolution you might consider for the year could be, “I will choose to see myself as Eternal Spirit, blessed and known from before the creation of all the universe!”  It’s a very liberating choice.  It’s a choice many never see or want to see, or seeing, refuse to stick with it.  We are dragged so quickly back into cynicism and doubt.  But that’s okay, someday we will get beyond it I’m sure!

I close with a little quote from my favorite book, A Course in Miracles, chapter 21, section II.  It goes:

“I am responsible for what I see.

I choose the feelings I experience, and I decide

Upon the goal I would achieve.

And everything that seems to happen to me

I ask for, and receive as I have asked.”

I urge you to try it, only quit asking for more things, more bodies, more stuff.  Choose to see the vision of yourself and all others as what we are, Eternal Creations from the God of Creation.  It’s your choice.  How you project out upon the world around you will be contingent on this perception, because “Projection makes perception.”

Accepting responsibility for your own thoughts can make all the difference as to how you will see this year and how you will feel happiness.  I will go with the choice for happiness and not guilt and sorrow, no matter what happens on the outside, mortal plane.

Namaste, God Bless.

About David Persons

Retired minister who still writes, speaks some, hikes less, and golfs.
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