Notes from “What the Health?” 

Investigative movie created, produced and narrated by Kip Anderson on the benefits of a plant based diet.  Produced on Netflix.

Film examines the link between diet and disease, and the billions of dollars at stake for the healthcare, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Dr. Michelle McMacken, MD.  “When you look at chronic disease, dietary choices trump smoking.”

Dr. Michael Klaper, MD  “If I could give one answer to most of the present diseases people are suffering from, it would be 3 words: ‘It’s the food!’”

2/3 of Americans today are overweight, which is basically a food issue. The most common medical answer to overweight from doctors is too much sugar and lack of exercise.  However, Dr. Neal Barnard, MD, Clinical Researcher, author, replies sugar not the cause!  Cause is a diet with too much fat build up in the blood.  Sugar can’t get into body with fat deposits blocking it so it builds up into the blood as fat.

Dr. Garth Davis, MD, Weight loss surgeon, Davis clinic: “More carbs eaten, less diabetes.  More meat, more diabetes.    Every disease I see in the hospital is mostly related to diet.”

“The focus on sugar removes it from animal foods as culprit.”

Harvard Medical Study:  One serving of processed meat a day increases cancer risk by 51%.

Nothing about eating is on the web site of American Diabetes Association!  However, they do encourage eating processed meat!

The leading cause of death in USA is heart disease.  Number of deaths is comparable to 4 jumbo jets crashing each day, loaded!

Dr. Barnard on Heart Disease; Animal foods are by far the biggest risk.  Agreed with by Drs. Esselstyn and Mike McGregor.

Most people suffering dementia have blocked blood vessels in brain by small deposits of fat.

Turkey and chicken meat is as dangerous, especially when injected with salt water!  The worse meat is poultry!  Why?  In every restaurant where samples were taken showed presence of carcinogens. Yet ACS encourages people to switch from beef to chicken and white meat!

“Men with high prognostic risk for cancer with a high poultry intake have a 4-fold increased risk of recurrence or progression of heart disease.”

Chicken is today’s highest intake of cholesterol in America due to its high volume.

Eggs:  one egg = 5 cigarettes   Egg whites are nearly pure cholesterol. (Study purported to have been done by “Harvard Nurse’s Health”.

Dairy milk products are as dangerous yet leading research studies refute this.  The research used is sponsored by the dairy and poultry industries.  The stated purpose is to increase doubt.  Same method used earlier by smoking companies.  “Doubt is our product!”

Many people think heart disease is genetically inherited.  But the diet they have inherited could rate much higher as causation.

Yet if you look at the American Heart Disease web page, they display many meat recipes!  Under “Healthy Eating:” Meatloaf, pork loin, etc.

The movie director calls and directly asks them why!  They would not respond.

Director then spoke to Dr. Kim Williams, MD, president of American College of Cardiology (47,000-member org. and growing) who said: “…we have a dedicated mission to reduce heart disease and improve patient’s lives, and if you look at incidences of hyper tension and diabetes, and mortality in men, they actually get reduced as you go higher and higher in restricting animal products.  People have more worries with fish which contain PCB’s, Mercury, saturated fat and cholesterol.  Fish are essentially mercury sponges.  Salmon is the worst!

Dioxin:  Is a chemical compound which is highly toxic environmental organic pollutants.  Term refers to a family of more than 70 isomers (different arrangements of particular atoms) of highly toxic, man-made organic compounds that are byproducts of industrial processes and waste incineration.  They were used in agent orange.  Highest levels are found in dairy products, meat, fish, especially shellfish; not in industrial processes.

Most dioxin does not come not from smokestacks but from eating cattle meat and milk.

Dioxins pass into babies from breast milk of a mother who drinks milk and eats meat and fish.

Dioxins may result in skin lesions such as chloracne (pimples, cysts found on face, etc.).  GMO’s in feed, add dioxins.  Cows, cattle eat the most.

Cheese one of the best foods to compromise one’s health.  It is a highly processed food product.  Large amount of cow pus are also in products of dairy.  Dairy industry limit is 750,000 pus cells per CC of milk!

Most people in world are lactose intolerant.  Well over 60%, people of color over 70%.  It is an unnatural food for adults.  USDA encourages eating dairy products.

Dr. Neal Barnard refers to Harvard Study which proves milk does not build strong bones!  They studied hundreds of people, adults and children, and discovered that milk has zero effects in stopping calcium bone loss or fractures in people!


Dr. Michael Greger:  People who drink milk have higher rates of bone fracture, cancer, and live shorter lives than people who don’t drink it.

Countries with the highest consumption of dairy products have the highest rates of osteoporosis and cancer of the bones.  They also have found that dairy cattle serum and milk factors contribute significantly to the risk of colon, prostate and breast cancers.  (International Journal of Cancer)

A man drinking and eating dairy products increases his risk of prostate cancer by 34%.  For all cancers risks, it increases 50% plus.  Only 5% of cancers can be classified as genetic.   (Published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.)

Author Kip  visits the Susan G. Koman Institute of Cancer research (specializes in breast cancers).  Discovered they also sponsor adds on top of yogurt products!

Most of the research on cancer is spent on treatments, not prevention.

Dr. Barnard on the Casein Protein in Dairy products.  In the body, they break into Casein protein particles which go directly to the brain, attaching to the same part that is responsible for heroin addiction!  You will not only eat more but gain weight and become more unhealthy and liable for cancer.  Dr. Gregor states this little addiction may be related to SID and autism.   There is an important reason we don’t advise infants to drink milk from cows.

Human breast milks have only 2.7 grams of casein per liter verses 26 grams per liter of cow’s milk.

Cristina Stella, Staff Attorney for the Center for Food Safety, states: “we know at least 450 different drugs are administered to animals, alone or in combination, before we eat them.  …very few are beneficial to human health.”

Jaydee Hanson, Center for Food Safety, Senior Policy Analyst.  “We have pharmaceutical companies that work very hard to make sure they can sell lots of drugs to people raising cows, pigs and chickens.”  When the companies ask for data about the industry’s health and environment studies, they receive pages of data with large blacked out sections.  Over 3000 people in US die yearly from various forms of food poisoning.  More than 9/11terrorist attacks.

Paige Tomaselli, Center for Food Safety, senior Attorney: “80% of all antibiotics are sold to raisers of livestock in comparison to just 10 – 15 in human use.”

Robert Martin, Pew Commission on Industrial Farm Animal Production:  Health organizations warning we may be nearing the end of pharmaceutical protections for serious surgeries.  Even having teeth extracted, war injuries.

Living near swine field, 3X chance to contract a MERSER infection.

North Carolina is in a state of Emergency with bouts of swine flu.  (Larry Baldwin, Waterkeeper Alliance of South Carolina.)

Original swine flu (H1N1) came from NC.  Same number of swine in state as people but 8 -10 times the feces.  10 million pigs in NC produce the waste of around 100 million humans.  Equivalent to entire Eastern seaboard flushing their toilets into one state!  And there is no waste treatment for it.  Most of the drainage areas are located near communities of color.  (Dublin county) Most of the spraying to evaporate pig cesspools is done on Sundays.   Some residents call their state the “Feces Capital of the world.”

Pollution from animal agriculture creates more greenhouse gases than the entire transportation sector!  Leading cause of rain forest destruction, species extinction, ocean dead zones and fresh water consumption. 

The American Diabetes Association granted Kip an interview.  Their recommended food list contained lists of food known to cause diabetes!

Contrasting, Kip found on other nutritional sites information showing that a whole food plant based diet was twice as effective in controlling and reversing diabetes!

Speaking for ADA was Dr. Robert Ratner, M.D. ADA Chief Scientific and Medical Officer.  He said their chief goal was to create prevention and a cure for diabetes.  He answered that for type 2 Diabetes, the way is unclear.  “We can’t prevent type 2 diabetes for everybody.”  He doesn’t believe there is sufficient evidence to show that a WFPB diet can reverse it.  He said they don’t recommend a special diet but rather, “healthy eating.”  He denied that the whole sheet of recommended foods were mostly with meat.  When challenged, he grabbed his coffee cup and left the interview.

Kip concluded he just wanted to help people live longer with diabetes.

Dr. John McDougall, MD, believes giving cow milk to babies affects babies’ pancreas and can lead to Type 1 diabetes.

Kip then looked up sponsors of the American Diabetes Association.

Listed sponsors were:  Dannon yogurt, Kraft Foods, Velveeta Processed Cheese, Oscar Mayer, Lunchables box lunches for kids, Bumble Bee Foods, makers of processed candy.

Sponsors of the American Cancer Society included:  Tyson, one of the world’s largest meat producers,  Yum Brand of Pizza Hut, KFC and Taco Bell;

Susan G. Komen, Breast Cancer “Fighter” organization sponsored by: KFC, Dietz and Watson processed meat, and Yoplait Yogurt.

AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION SPONSORS    :Texas Beef Council, Colorado Beef Council, Idaho Beef Council, Cargill, Tyson Unilever, Dairy Mass, White-Wave Foods, Subway, Farmland Pork, ConAgra Foods, General Mills, Perdue Chicken, Nestle, Mars, Kraft, Kellogg’s

Compares to Lung Association taking money from the tobacco industry.

In response to his findings, Kip goes to the Headquarters of these organizations.  Not one would agree to be interviewed.

USA government prints 5 year guidelines for American eating.  The people making these contributions receive monies from National Dairy Council, McDonalds, American Meat Institute, and Dairy Management, Inc., Beef. USA, American Egg board, Dannon, Mars, The Sugar Association, The Hershey Company, Anheuser-Busch, General Mills, Kellogg’s, Kraft Cheese, M & M’s.

Dr. Mike Gregor said the USDA told him “Eggs cannot legally be labeled.”

US Dairy industry spends $50 million yearly to do education on eating in public schools.

Meat and Dairy together spend ever $557 million yearly to teach “good health” and advertise.  $138 million on lobbying congress.  Laws passed include charge of “Terrorism” to any person or group which harasses meat and dairy industry with photos and articles.

Their food creates obesity or diseases.  (“Cheeseburger” laws, or “Ag-gag laws!”)

Meat and dairy have all the money of the tobacco lobbies of past years but the personality of the National Rifle Association.   Robert Martin, Industrial Farm Act

“Common Sense Consumption Act”, 2009

American Egg board has threatened lives of leaders of lobbies.

“Billion-dollar heart and stent industry is threatened.”  Caldwell Esselstyne, Cleveland Clinic.

A 1.5 trillion industry.  Pharmaceutical industry spends more on lobbying than another other group.

Former chief USDA meat inspector fired for reporting Mad Cow Disease in cow’s meat in USA.   At least 4 cases diagnosed before shutting down inspector.  Causes of Alzheimer’s and Dementia diseases being misdiagnosed. Tests show that 88% pork chops contaminated.


All protein is initially made by plants.  All animal protein is recycled plant protein.

Question should not be “where do you get you protein but where do you get your fiber?”  – Dr. Michael Gregor

Our closest evolutionary relatives (apes and monkeys) are all plant eaters.

Doctors testify that plant based diets WILL cause current health plague to go away and reverse most heart disease as well as osteoporosis.

Examples then given of reversal of diseases in several people who adopted a plant-based diet including diabetes, enlarged thyroids, etc.  Information known since the 1940’s.

American Medical Board has fought against given medical students more than 7 hours of dietary information for healing.  Many do not get that much.

Film ends with interviews with people with serious illnesses and shows them finding healed by going on plant-based diets.

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